miniver I was hospitalized once when I drank too much Hot 100 -- you know, that cinnamon flavoured bleh. Bleh bleh bleh. I remember you. There were pills involved too, but I don't really count them in my memory, for some reason. And there was some sort of lemon-lime stuff earlier...but the cinnamon was the filler and the filler and the topper and the over-the-topper.

Who knows about all of this?
No one.
Well,...Erin does.
We were at a grad out of town, though. And, besides which, I'm already 4 years and two towns away from the town that I was already 'out of'.

I guess I was young before I was young, more than I was early old. Weird. I don't even remember that I have stories like that, most of the time.
splinken aftershock 000926
Barrett one Fifth 100proof FireWater
two day hangover
nomatter I really don't like cinnamon. 031008
pipedream one of my favourite flavours, tastes and smells all rolled into one. cinnamon makes me happy. 031009
SleepieCloud It's not only cinnamon, but it's the only way I know to describe it. It's spicy and dangerous and comforting. It's so easy to remind me of you. 080805
unhinged cinnamon gum, alcohol no way. in the coffee as it brews, in the apple pie as it that's what i'm talking about. REAL cinnamon. 080805
D is an enhaling anitdote for those who do not see what is before them.

what's it to you?
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