Kami Khazay so we got a dog, a lil' boston terrier, i never wanted a dog, i'm not particularly feeling in the giving mood, never have been, and it seems that dogs are all give to me, so, when everyone else leaves off for work, and i'm the last one in the house, i get to put shorty in a cage. when i get home from work, i'm too tired to say much, give much, play with this thing...animal...yeah,, what do i get to give it? when i don't want to give it anything anyway, i get to give it a cage.

now, we all know of learned_helplessness don't we, shocked dogs don't fight the current, they take it, and it is there death, so what to i represent to this dog? oppression, i am the cager, i am the evil...i just wish we could co-exist in a state of you-do-you-you're thing and i'll do mine, but it's not gonna be that way...i will always be the evil that cages...until she is no longer caged...did i call it an it or a he earlier? it's a she, an animal, and its eyes are so sad when i look at it/ she...i've got learning

but i don't like being the cager

i don't even like the cage i'm in
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