puredream I bought 21 buttons yesterday. Two of which I made myself.

One was a picture of a butterfly. Another said, "A blatherskite knows best." with purple stars on it. And the other said, "In love with forever." A picture of the sun, clouds, stars and moon on it.
out of context A friend of mine had a button on her bag that said "Press here" on it. People actually pressed on it...like something would actually happen. 040717
Blue Eyes My mom's new puppy's name! She is adorable; a shih tzu/toy poodle mix.

I live several hours away from my parents, and I am missing their dogs tonight.

My cat is not nearly as comforting.
Aardfish i like big buttons, and i cannot lie. 071008
pipina i'll make sure i bring them back home then cos thats what you told me to do. I put some extra ones in the tin too ! i hope that is not unlucky though. 071008
pSyche Hey! This is my name!
I share a name with a puppy...?!
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