:..S e e d S.:...o f...:.L i g h T..: Adversity builds character.

Each time you encounter a struggle, or obstacle, a certain performance of your abilities is demanded of you. You must burst through this barricade. And in doing so, you will strengthen the various personality traits needed to achieve.

That's why the saying is true:
"Whatever doesn't kill you, makes you stronger."

You begin life with nothing, and each of your experiences pile on top of each other to form the whole of your personality.

Do you like your personality?
Do others like your personality?
Does it command respect?
Are you dignified?

The beauty of free will is that each time you make a choice, you come to a fork in the road of destiny. The outcome of your decision will in effect steer your experiences in the way you want them.

You can do and be whatever you believe is possible...and everything is possible to him who believes.
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(John 10:10) "The Thief comes to steal, kill and destroy. But I have come so that you may have Life, and have it abundantly!"

- Jesus who is called The Christ
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