user24 hey look everyone!

A new word.
johnny west What a cold person would say following dental surgery. 010609
User24 kind of more what someone says when they have no idea. in fact,

"blurgh" = "I have no idea what you or i are talking about and have no helpful input to this conversation at this time, please try again later"

but it's a lot simpler way to say it.
nesa hesa hoo i agree with the term 'blurgh' but i spell it 'blerg'. it is a very expressive word and useful for such situations as tiredness or hangovers. it should be added to the dictionary 030324
pipedream ah, one of those cosy familiar words i use..only mine usually sounds more 'blagh' than 'blurgh'. one of those expressive sound-words, good with an equally woogy expression. shake well before drinking. 030325
User24 also can mean "I really can't be bothered"

similar in some ways to ICBBTBBIDHAO
User24 icbbtbyidhao 030403
Susie :-} (hello) To me it means whatever i want it to mean, it all depends on my mood i guess, but its a good thing to say when you dnt know what to say! 040310
BonTon i just puked on myself and i am not happy about it at all.


Someone just puked on me and i am really pissed off about it.


That's the uglist person i have ever seen
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