dudeinanigloo So there's this guy looking to have some fun on a night out. All his friends are busy, so he goes into this bar on a 4th story of a plaza. He says "Hey, this looks nice," and he takes the elevator up. When he goes in, there are only two other guys in there. The bartender, and some weird-looking dude. The guy sits down, and just before he orders his beer, the weird guy next to him says "Hey dude, want to see a cool trick?"
He says "Sure."
So this weird dude takes a swig from his beer and starts running towards an open window. The guy says "wtf are you doing man?!"
The weird dude says "Don't worry," and jumps out the window. A few seconds later, the elevator door opens, and he comes out.
The guy says "No way, I gotta see that again!" So the weird dude takes another swig from his drink, and jumps out the window. He again appears out of the elevator.
The guy says "Whoa, I gotta try this." So he orders what the weird dude has, pounds back a bit, and leaps out the window.

The bartender then says to the weird dude, "Superman, you can be such an asshole sometimes."
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