Death of a Rose I'll always return to you,
like the waves I replace with darkness,
I cannot see myself anymore,
how the road twists and hope is a lost control.

just another acoustical performance,
standing alone,
marking the end of my journey of indecision, a anchorless raft,

another sunrise I stare at.
pete sincere,
give me the light
before another sunrise
ruins my night
love & hate without you my precious. the pain bleeds from every inch of me as i think of it. 040902
suicidalchinadoll "our first sunrise"

you ...

only you

I can't stop coming back to you

even now
I would sit at your feet and stare off into the future with you..

even now
I take my sunrises alone
and wonder
demure I want to be awake for every sunrise 041014
mourninglight I'll have my sunrise with a lump of sugar, and teaspoon of butter
not stirred
epitome of incomprehensibility Knowing the importance of first impressions, the sun tentatively doodles hazy pastel lines onto the sky before filling it with brilliance. 050809
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