Q I managed just a bit ago to buy a sixer of Celebration Ale for a Saturday night of crab. At least I had a quasistepgrandson yesterday, who's healthy and lets me hold him. That's worth celebration and merits cogitation notwithstanding the literal separation and the other connection hanging by a nonthread. Yes, reorganization and a clean room are called for, but potatoes, tomatoes, portabellos are good, like coffee and whipped cream. I prefer them, many of them I know how to grow, and I can buy them around the corner, so, yes, it is good that they are eaten. This all takes work, luck and other things, and for all of that you need to eat healthy. And sometimes, at least when weed is rare, a little Celebration Ale, even if all there is to eat is crab. Good night for now. Sleep as well as ever. I'm curling up with Barrett Browning or Neruda, with some sweet spontaneous from ee. See ya. 000212
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