kingsuperspecial the delicate art of reaching an enlightened state through ingestion of boap_sorboda 010806
paste! the prediliction and practice of frolicking on rooftops in sandals and a tie wrapped around the head and the color orgasm. 010806
kingsuperspecial the art of reaching an enlightened state of being through the consumption of boap_sorboda 010806
kingsuperspecial the heart of reaching an ligher state of beans through the consumption of boat_sorboapa 010806
kingsuperspecial a way to do the 69_ultra_chicken_box without baby satan trying to chisel in. You have to put crayon in your eyes, though.

my eyes, my crayon
your place or mine?
cluck cluck cluck
it's off to shimy we go.

:: steps on own foot while dancing_nekkid ::
paste! crayons_on_a_baguette, the official snack of the French branch of terrabriskism. 010806
paste! time to pull kss from the dark side to where he can reach a lighter state of beans. you know as well as i, the end is not the end, until you start impersonating a burning panda, then it all goes to shit.

and don't forget the minerals i gave you, the garage potassium.
jackie mccracken crumbly! 020409
god between ashland and h biscuitworld 030515
squishyfish squishyfish 120302
dafremen too_damn_long, my arse.

You couldn't have the single word terrabriskism without the underscore_connected_phrase boap_sorboda.

Elitists, purists, snobs or wistful would-be censors unable to join Milo & Tock somewhere beyond Expectations?

see also: the_intellectual_decay_of_blather
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