lola is pudding welsh? 000527
yolanda that was stupid and neither here nor there. you can answer that question if it peaks your interest, but i doubt it does. i'll let you know when i think of something better. 000527
whirligirl actually, ok.
a general drowned in tapioca pudding, once upon a time.
Tank when i was a kid, the worst school food for me was tapioca pudding. i used to dread it. it reminds me of frog spawn and i am far too compassionate to eat a foetus. 000928
j_blue i was told by my little brother (though often, the nature of our relationship would flip flop, as our respective spheres of experience often diverged) that tapioca pudding contained fish eyes

and another thing. my friend told me that pearl milk drinks had "tapioca balls" in them. is tapioca some kind of grain product?
Barrett balls

heh heh heh
silentbob Tapioca pudding is a common pudding with tapioca pearls added to a vanilla pudding. It can be discerned from other types of pudding by the small, translucent and almost caviar-like orbs of tapioca within. Tapioca is the root of the cassava plant, which is also known as manioc or arrowroot. Tapioca requires processing to withdraw either flakes, seeds or pearls of the Tapioca plant.

Pudding can be made with either the tapioca flakes or pearls, though the pearl version is preferred because it cooks faster.

Tapioca is native to South and Central America. It is now produced in Africa and Asia.

Tapioca has been considered a healthy food because, as a starch, it is easy to digest. In the eighteenth century it gained popularity for its nutritive properties. In the nineteenth century, tapioca pudding was often used as a medicine. In 1948, JELL-O produced three flavors of Tapioca pudding: vanilla, chocolate, and orange-coconut.
whitney is seriously addicting. research it! 060913
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