moonshine I think to create a universal teaching of sign language would be a most wonderful thing. So that people everywhere, no matter the native tongue they usually spoke, people could converse. Of all the languages that currently, this to me is the most beautiful. The gestures are so simple, and to me it is like watching hands dance in midair. 010110
endless desire i'm taking the class next semster to forfill my language requirement. i used to sign with mum when i was little because she taught me the alaphabet. we'd sign across the table, word by word, or at boring parties and plays and things. ive always wondered if sign language is universal? is that what moonshine was implying? that if you teach someone sign language in niger or china or mexico or russia or anywhere, it's all the same? i've always wondered. 031213
reue sorry it isn't =\ sign language for short, 'american' sign languge is its full name.. a universal sign language that everyone knows would be awesome... maybe there would be less wars and more peace in the world. 031213
jane thinking about taking asl3 next semester. either that or some philosophy class. 050812
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