birdmad half my life ago

i wish i could stop
x every_night_i_burn 040420
bird heart_and_soul 040420
6am shes the only one who knows what it is burn and she wont tell me :( 040420
ever dumbening in the desert
and it's made all the difference in the world
anne reznor i plan on being dead before the next decade has a chance to begin

i'm finding the idea of saggy, weathered skin repugnant at least if it is hanging on my bones
i can't stand many things and i do feel quite reptilian
i'm only a fuzzy kitten when i want to APPEAR nice, and soft, and 'fluffy'
dries&hardens all your mother fucking clothes
over which to cook a delicious meal
you will never eat
unhinged from a sublime song 080412
what's it to you?
who go