flexible shit....shit....shit....

was the general feeling. i'm sensing blame, a lot of it. and i'm sorry that it's not been, shall we say, evenly distributed.

we'll get one out, right? *desperately hopes* even if we have to work through our summer... we'll get it out within the first two weeks of sixth form, or else, well, i don't know if the people who've been talked round will still be quite so understanding.

we will get it out, i know we will, and i'm sorry you've taken the brunt of it hun. xxx

(adn we'll devote at least a page to our oh-so-hard-working yearbook committee. we deserve it! being editors and all ...)
Lemon_Soda I'd like to see a blather yearbook. 050519
amy nada all of mine got thrown out because the pictures within them were becoming all that existed by way of memory. were they erasing it? i had to know.

yeah, i WISH i had a photographic memory. instead it's a memory composed of photographs. i ask my dreams to pick up the slack. alas, they mostly don't. my subconscious rather insists on CURRENT TIME drama.

i do suppose there are advantages....
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