* It's out, our history, in blathes past and present. Lots of little feelings, seldom spoken, but here they are, displayed by little pixels in a cumbersome electronic contraption.

Why don't you just tell me? Do you want me to know? Do you want me to see? Obviously you do, or you wouldn't have put your cryptic little messages here.

I know you still care. I don't know if you still love me. Don't tell me either way. It makes you sound tiny and sad.

And I hate seeing you that way.
Q Why have so many of the women I've loved and wanted to love been 's? 000929
nick I just wrote that.

Don't read it yet.
it's still wet, and you'll have to careful not to get any on ya.

There's a raw wound where I ripped it out of my soul, and it's been healing up all day.

Don't check it out just yet.

I want to say it all, but now, here, knowing what I know...

It might hurt you... like it hurt me


I just wrote that too.

Lisa your words sink deep... 031213
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