phil wedding rings & coffins & warheads 020316
rachael no, pictures and letters, and me sentimental 020317
Billia what is? 020323
"Ancient Pagan" A full garden of growing foodstuffs is inestimably valuable! Imagine: Fuerte Avocados for winter, Hass Avocados for Summer & Winter; yellow & red tomatos, two varieties of orange tree, lemon trees, manzano banana tree, varied and plentiful herbs, a massive row of garlic greens. Also imagine being able to garden in your own skin, without the artificial constriction of clothing (plebeian rags for the dull-witted, & suitable only for cold weather). What contact and union with Nature that would be! Also, this garden would enable self-sufficiency thus countering big industries & capatilistic vices. 020510
stork daddy you're saying what? naked? naked? will the fruits grow faster that way? 020511
kerry i agree with rachael

good friends


memories photos mementos etc etc etc
Syrope i feel like i'm on the goddamned stock market 051210
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