amorfus undertand this entry and everything will suddenly become clear. 000509
TalviFatin *hands you an "s"* 011117
phil thank you. wise teacher. 030114
Strideo I don't undertand!
tonya Demented cousin of Upside, frequently seen selling oatmeal_powered_laser_nuts in a small kiosk just outside of Reclabrr.

Whoa, monkey.
endless desire i don't want the world to see me
because i don't think that they'd understand
((iris))[my boys, goo goo dolls]
i clicked on gander
and randomly found 'undertand'
right as my boys said 'understand' in their brilliant song.
it was a beautiful thing.
strange that the word was slightly off
missing its 's'
but very much like the song,
because we are all slightly off.

{i just want you to know who i am}
sick alice? i like that song
it reminds me of a certain someone, who i'm trying to stay out of ((not love, but something like that)) with
i'm not doing very well, but maybe i'll get better one day
what's it to you?
who go