Quintessensual Thanks to Cummings for reminding us "[People] who live in furnished souls
are unbeautiful and have comfortable minds."
sweets bews The unbeautiful, for many people, would mean the undesired. It is the desiring which makes people, often times, see something as beautiful. However, true beauty is more that just being desired. Beauty has to do with the unexplainable awe and rapture one feels when they see something beautiful. But that is one very circular statement. And also speaking of beauty and not unbeautiful. Pardon me. 000212
startfires medulla oblongada 001205
accidentprone it couldn't have put me on a better random word. i am so very, very, VERY unbeautiful. 030401
from now on i can remember screaming
at the mirror, at age seven
rage embrace it
let it flourish
theres no point in pretending anything else
kariann how negative 'unbeautiful' can be.

how negative we all are.

we are unbeautiful has humans..

we do horrible, unbeautiful things.

but since we like to think we are beautiful.

i came to the relization that beautiful is a vibe between two things.

usually two people.

or a work of art and a person.

then again,

everythings a work of art in different ways.

but you know.
z see: art 060310
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