a couple a doitballs me: dude, you can't wallow in self-pity. you were just all excited about your transitions.

he: that's the thing about transitions, your mood changes by the minute.

me: [in enthusiastic voice] hey, i'm on top of [slight pause] ...
[in glum voice] the shit heap

he: did you improv that?

me: yep

he: man, you're the coolest, right behind jerry springer.
one wrecked angle cold outside, without the sun. i'm standing in what soon will not be my parking lot. i grab greg for a quick lesson. bowline, trucker's hitch, tautline hitch--that should get me through the weekend. too bad i don't have some bread i could leave unleavened; this furious flurry of aimless packing and going. just go. get out of the perfection with the perfect flaw. sigur_ros makes it feel like it always does, when i'm tired, uncertain. 070223
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