The Truth The Grand Scheme of Things is a typical reference to the conept that all things interconnected are related to each other, and have been designed for one overall master purpose.

The Big Picture.
Einsteins Theory of Relativity.

There is a certain amount of mystery involved with this concept. But thanks to Einstein, we now have a mechanical understanding of it's functionality.

Even when two totally separare objects on opposite sides of the universe are compared, you can detect that at one point, they originated from the same place/space/time.

When you add The_Big_bang to Einstein's_theory_of_relativity , It become's clearer that all things where One in the beginning. So that's how I try to understand it all, start there, and everything else came from that oneness.

(if you want the technical/scientific term for "oneness" ...It's called a singularity.)
:..S e e d S.:...o f...:.L i g h T..: Even though this concept is complex enough to betray the logic of certain individuals, I find it fascninatingly simple once the patterns used are analyzed.

At first glance, one could compare two biological entities and find them totally distinct. But if you take a step back and examine the repetitions of their patterns, you'll see how they are merely a few variables away from being identical.

That is the beauty of mathematics.
That is the nature of the circle.

We all keep spinning.
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