Joana. I just can't understand why you told me to come if you knew you couldn't be here. I can't understand why I am waiting here like some stupid girl, telling to myself that you will come, when I am so positively sure that you won't show up.
I worry too much... about you...
God... I just hope you're fine... that nothing terrible has happened to you...
*Ziima* Cinderella. I am. It is my fate. 010218
Joy sweep.
out all the dust and cobwebs in your mind
all the feelings i have had for you.
my heart of the hurt and pain you have caused.
cos i know you will,
work your way back in, sweeping away all my doubt, worries and fear.
but you will bring so much more back in to my brain
heart and soul.
so i must sweep you
out the door.
8 sweep the ocean 041021
pete so damn close... we can win in 5 though.. a canadian team must always make it to lord stanley's cup's presence, even if we lose (the home team will win this year!!!!!) 070516
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