Toxic_Kisses Am I the only one who thinks women wearing suspenders are sexy? 011217
ClairE Depends on the woman.

And sometimes the suspenders.

How about only suspenders?
(I guess not attached to anything would be a little too weird.)

All my friend Miriam and I want is a man_who_wears_pockets.
Only pockets.
Toxic_Kisses A Jerry Seinfeild fan I see ^.^
And while I didnít intend for it to mean only suspenders I think that that indeed would definitely be hot.
What I did mean was say a woman wearing pin stripe pants, heck even tight black blue jeans or a mini-skirt w/ garder belts that only show when she crosses her legs.
Either way it doesnít really matter what she wears W/ the suspenders (Or if she wares anything @ all w/ them for that matter) but simply the fact that she has added suspenders to her outfit, maybe it's just me (seems so any how) but I find that incredibly sexy.
sabbie i bought my friend trent black suspenders with 'the rocky horror show' printed on them in red with the lips.

i know he will look gorgous wearing them.
dreddy suspenders on women are definately hot! If anyone knows wear i can find women wearing suspenders on the net can they let me know 020918
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