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heh. shameless plug.
.x. Strong - Weak - radioactive decay
decaying the decayed decaying the decay
Electromagnetism -
(electricity and magnetism)
Gravity - mass and distance mass and distance
and distance

[ive lost faith in all people]
[i never want to trust again]
[never ever again]

four fundamental forces
[direct opposite]

[[[refreshed second sign of the night-random links]]]
i can not escape the sorrowful reminders even within the casualty of my affections
Princess Lola it is odd to see another add to the blather that it subatomic_underground

might we ever have met? ^_^
ashmanzhou oh brillant guide
who doth breath entirety
oh wondrous self
who doth hate thou nothingness
nothingness be self
eternity be but short breath
to take from this fear
i wish it back

love not hate but hate love as pain
for it doth impart me with truth
and i doth wish it near

hate all dreams
hate all self
and hate nothingness
for hate is always wasted on anything else

is nothing
is everything
is a mere faded foolish thing i see now
as no escape
but a mere vindication
of life
of suffering
of ending
a finality too sweet for words
a start of nothing but nothingness
what's it to you?
who go