ClairE I_want_to_be_found. 020530
Ive Gone Incognito Oh my freakin gawd would you shut up already! (not you ClairE) I mean almost every other sentence iz eather "Fuck this (Shit being an optional word)!" or "Welp that just the story_of_my_life now ainít it" just bc you don't get the first parking space or bc the light bulb goes out while your reading (witch is quite a rarity for you any how, not that you ever read about anything besides mechanical automotive stuff anyways) or even if theirs no ice left in the freezer! Sheesh these are ~SMALL~ insignificant things and yet you act az though they may vary well be the end of ur world! Stop being so !~conceded~! in thinking every one and every thing iz out to make you miserable! 020530
three words my_life_is_a_mess story_of_my_life promised 051101
Lemon_Soda Story of my life?

Well, the title would be:

"How it was really okay anyway."

Catchy, huh?
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