Grievance days go winding high
lost times and cultures lye
on astounding feet
opens the telling soul to greet
morning snow, tracking :: head bowed, overbearing wolf
turn around astound, bound,
instill stillness loud in silence
walking four leauges, trickling stance
laughing in chill moonlight
the pines are on fight
tailing beams draw in
ears are smiling to Sky
love comes in a coat, arming cry
seven repititions roll over
tears in yesteryears hover
pulling boats crease the ice
boughs cradling the face
Serindipity sighs at the saturine
clouds hover in their clean
minds, old songs wave the moral
and Sun wavers over
the curses smaller
mirrors show shadows belonging
to your hidden present mourning
ornaments blow inside
solving the stars in darkness, and universe bides
lives harden minds absence
and a wolf floats in trance.
unhinged "i want to hump you like white fang. you know get on top of you and have you jump around til you are dragging my ass in the snow." 011220
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