klairchen Some boy in psyko class tonight gave me a little package of skittles.

I thought that was the sweetest thing.

I ate them.

I had written a crazy note to the girl behind him. I drew some stick people on the note.

She laughed and showed the boy the note.

The boy then said, "I don't think I should have gave you those skittles, look what they have done to you."

But, I wrote the note before I ate the skittles.

angie skittles are good
they make me happy
my wisdom teeth are coming in
they agitate them
it feels strangely good
in a strangely good way
ahhh skittles...
my friend
kim the horrible tasting candy than leaves multi colored spots on things if they are left out in the sun 020114
reitoei tropical skittles. i used to love those but haven't had them for a few years. now i'm a twix addict 020114
little fury bug the green ones...there's something magical about them...not really, but they're yummy and they make me smile...and that's about enough to make me happy. 020617
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