stork daddy of culture...steal it from the poor and give it to the rich or steal it from the rich and give it to the poor. Our society will never reach its potential untill the homeless sing puccini and the mansions ring with the strains of underground punk or rap 020517
he-man some of them already do? 020519
stork daddy anyone blathed on irony yet? gentrification of kidding...sure...sure some this one...biznatch 020519
girl_jane We did this show this past fall. I got stabbed in the eye with a sword opening night. Saturday mat. and night my eye was all swollen and icky and bloodshot... 020519
Blake how do you define 'rich' and 'poor' in culture?

do you mean sum of high/w/vernacular cultures?

Because I think you'll find that almost everyone has similar levels.

I am rich in high brow and vernacular, and poor in low.

While high/low combinations are strange, they are more common than you think.

I don't know that anyone really has enogh time in their life to be rich in all three.

Unless you're reading Derrida at a rave with relevised footy. Could prove difficult.
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