ferret take it out, take it all out, replace it with the opposite, but please, no matter what the costs take it away 030708
ferret i just want to pour my soul out to somebody. somebody who would hear everything that i had to say. somebody i could trust with anything. (no i'm sorry, that somebody is not you) somebody who would understand me comepletely. somebody 030708
ferret somebody who would hear all that i had to say and just sit there and let me curl up on the couch in their arms.

God, i'm so cold
birdmad is very ape but not very nice "out of the sky
into the dirt"
endless desire so i may start fresh and new
bright in the sunlight,
smile gleaming.
i want to love my world.
pour me out
and fill me with something warm,
with a tinge of sweet tomorrow,
rather than bitter yesterday.
help me wash these stains.
slothisily pour me into the stream
and carry me away
wash me upon the shore
and let_me
start anew.
once again tip me over 040201
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