splinken youth is so preoccupied with love. or things approximating love. or blah blah blah. what if we just set love aside for awhile and concentrated on something else. imagine all the things we could get done. 000919
Brad amen, sister 000919
Syrope i think the moment i realized it wasn't going to work was when you put my earring back in. 021212
IKC 56-80 a ray of light through the cat's clawmarks in my curtains.

lou pinpoint the stars
just for me
sparkling and shining with endless ecstasy
tell me thier names
tell me the world
i want to fall forever in your eyes
breathe the same breath
we were almost there
if only i knew your soul

let me see you
for a moment or more
in timeless places with so many faces,
only yours is the one i adore.

see me once
all and everything,
see it
i dare you
tear the walls
the barriers and bolts
let me know
pinpoint your being
see the crossed stars
and take my leave
once and forever more
what's it to you?
who go