karl the weed does anyone have any unusual peircings?i want my eyebrow. 030902
jezabel my right nipple glows in the dark. 030903
jezabel i must add--
the clicking of metal on teeth
is one of the most pleasant sound/sensations
i can imagine...
and often do.
User24 I've never been too keen on piercings, tattoos I'm ok with (though I don't have any yet) rings and necklaces I love, bracelets annoy me, though I am wearing a leather one right now.. the thing with jewellery is that I have to wear everything at once, right now, and all day, every day, I have:

a small celtic ring with a pentagram in it, on my right little finger, the pentagram faces to the side. Bought in Ireland

a plain silver band on my left engagement finger (my engagement ring, duh!)

black leather braid bracelet, also bought in Ireland

clay disc hanging on black leather string, with metallic owl on it (my spirit guide type dude :)

black piece of string tight round my neck, as always.. I've been wearing that for two years, I can't take it off, becuase I'd have to cut it!

small silver chain with small pentacle, rests on my collar bone

slightly thicker, and a few inches bigger silver chain with eye of horus pendant.

jane i have nine piercings
but six of them are in my ears
what's it to you?
who go