di luce Barring excess homework, I play paintball at least once a month. I just love it. When I first started playing it was about the adrenaline rush. But now it's a thinking game. It's a battle of wits between me and the other team. If I out-think my opponents, not out-gun them, I will win. If my movements are more clever, more calculated, I will win.

Winners use slight-of-hand and misdirection.
Azz Real paintball, winning is about getting to your barricade and laying down as much paint as you can while staying in tight enough to avoid getting shot yourself! That's tournament play. 040126
slipperyonetimelover i would light you all up

the game is about team strategy

it doesnt matter what you do on your own if you are going up against a team that knows how to handle their shit

i use a spyder compact p from 1990 something , i've shot so many people with
their mini mags and auto this and thats it's ridiculous

buy yourself good aim and a pair of nuts
because i'll run right up on you , no merci
what's it to you?
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