splash of orange electric eep
piercing; good
following, rescuing
free, free, free. no strings attached except for....
the ones you have to tune.
it is not just a chore
when you have to do
it is like gulping down water; necessary and lifegiving.
march, march march. april may? yaz. but mostly may, mostly may. in may things march peacefully
and then sunburst
into my room, in june
not literally, for the rain has been seemingly constant lately. but when i press play.
that is when.
charlie brown, peanuts, peanuts. crunch crunch.
smooth crunch.
soft bass, soft guitar. quiet brilliance.
ramen noodles?
yaz, those too.
slippery and delicious
with lots of calories.
yum yum.
ha ha.
flying again.
echoing, resounding
featherlike weeping.
deep; rich; lush.
nighttime straddling over a deep green field.
you are that field
you are the rain, too.
splash of orange ps: h 030621
velvet spasm thank you, splash. it's nice to know someone is listening. really l i s t e n i n g... 030621
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