~gez~ i was nt home until about nine o clock. i forgot to tell my parents i was going out, and they were kind of mad when i came home. i ended up writing a letter to them to try and explain

it does not help one bit that i lied about where i was, and they found out. i was at this girls house, and shes younger than me aswel, so my dads moral senses were sent haywire. life is cack at the moment, i have three courseworks in for tomorrow

when i look at my life at the moment its kind of a comedy act. i have so much work to do, but i never bother. i do not see why i dont either, i just have no motivation. instead of spending my valuable time on courseworks i waste it speaking to people on MSN, and blathering. actually, i blather much less frequently than i used to, i bet your all happy of the fact
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