misstree first time i saw it happen was the birds,
five days of five ravens laughing at me,
playing with me, trying so hard to say
something. finally figured out what:

then it was dragons, showing up everywhere,
stepping in front of me and staring silently,
right around hallween time.
on the night of, i mentioned my puzzlement
and one of the nights kin told me their answer.

and now, it's cats. in my dreams, specifically. i not being outside much,
i understand it's hard to send messengers
into fabric stores. but
three nights in a row, i remember a small handful
of mismatched detail and feeling,
and one thing repeats each night:
a cat, not mine though one was given to me,
has been talking to me.
i don't remember if i understood.

why can't they send something that speaks tree.
what's it to you?
who go