Ouroboros We had first met at a play party two years ago- our goodbye kisses still stay with me, her sweetness, her loving eyes, her soft lips. I used to have such a crush on her that I was rendered speechless in her presence. So it felt strange to meet up with her in Thailand and camp together at a psytrance festival over new years. She was an effecient traveler- goodwill hiking sandals, zipper pocketed shorts under her skirt, up and out in the mornings, wasting no time, etc. Although I still felt attracted to her, I did not wish to get to intimate with her. It was night time and she was drinking with new friends, face and arms painted in blacklight-reactive paint. I saw her and she was more flirty, and we ended up sitting on the dance floor, she between my legs, and we danced and touched like mermaids, bowing and swaying with the beats, the sensuality making me blush. 070210
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