alicia thisgirl is amazing.. rawr. if only she wasnt as straight as kate moss's hair.. :) drat. this always happens to me. heh. 991229
nathannnnnn Miss Marjorie. Partner to vexation. Oh how I wish she wasn't so afraid. Don't worry. I can't leave. Now do your homework. 000221
psuedowinker she needs to smile more 010821
ivegotlasereyes i know a girl named marjorie... she told me that sex cures headaches. is that true?

my head is pounding...
zenfishsticks my madame marjorie is really a newt
spelled with a k
and her hair is so fucking cool
that i fall down
laughing like pee wee herman
and we always had
pathetic adventures together
summers full of
kiddie pools & flying kites from cars,
mooning cows
and laughing until they came home

miss you, knutle.
krimilda my cousin...
i still don't know what she's up to, what's she looking forward to...
stork daddy don't even get me started! 021221
marjorie me 050922
brand i'll never let go of her hand. 060122
what's it to you?
who go