For sure! marissa wrote about the word "alert" she's da woman! 000713
marissa a.k.a. Al is my name.... although i usually say that i am al. i wouldnt change my name for anything. i like it. It isn't plain, or too common (not yet anyway), and it has lots of character. 000715
Marissa Bored....searched under name...came to this....i like your page...where are you from? 010106
Meara Marissa is a cool name. It means "brave heart". Besides, it's the name of my best friend. So that automatically makes it cool. :) 010418
lil red girlie My name in french class...for 3 longue years

"je m'appelle Marissa...comment vas-tu?"
marissa marissa="of the sea"
she danced under the moon, trying to catch after the fireflies that danced around her dark hair. she ran around the yard and called to the clouds, telling them to tell the sea to part for the underwater flowers that bloomed in her eyes.
ggggggggggg the name marissa sucks 010904
god avarice armistice allspice arrowroot

blossoming blossoming blurgh blort blonde blade blue

creosote caption comrade creaky

daed darth dripping dunce determination
FaL if marissa was my name id kill myself...take it as advice 020317
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