unhinged your boyfriend is still married and has children not to mention that he is a drug dealer that left his gun in your trunk. are you really that stupid? 030116
Mike Hunt but your fanny lips are hanging out beneath that microskirt 031001
Dafremen No, but she's got someone to his laundry, his cooking and to take care of his kids. She's got all of the luxury that drug money can buy, all of the drugs that she can do, and she's armed to the teeth to boot.

I agree. Sounds like a pretty rotten deal all around.
Syrope brimming tears and quick scrolling make blather a kind of trippy rainbow experience.

oh. and i need a kitten. i think if a kitten wandered into my room right now i would bawl like a 2 year old. everything bad in my body would be released. and the poor kitten. i don't know if it'd understand. but i'd be healed.
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