starjewel Standing next to him and feeling the heat
Noticing the faint smell of his colone hang in the air.
Walking beside him
his nicely rounded shoulder ocassionally gracing mine
Laughing histarically for no reason
he smiles wide and laughs with me
Looking at his face
and seeing nothing but muddy green eyes.
Watching him walk away
Feeling the rush of emotions I had to supress flood me during his absence
The irragular beat of my heart
and the unwillingness of my legs to carry me away from him
I've got to try my best
to do my best
to be my best
Becuase he is the best,
my infactuation.
from now on i've seen this in three_words more than three times in the last three days

and i finally clicked on it today
epitome of incomprehensibility Me: "Did you know that there's a kind of lizard called a chuckwalla that burrows in between rocks when it's in danger and than inflates itself to fill the remaining space so that predators can't pull it out?"

It wasn't a metaphor, just an infactuation.
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