splinken the jury should note that i've never said that i do.

of course, i've never said that i don't.
startfires part of the faction of erins.
someone took pictures of us when i was drunk and one picture i was kissing you r cheek. in th e next picture you were leaning away and my face was all scrunched up like i had eaten a tearjerker. i wonder which of these events happened first.

i keep the picture of you leaning away on my desk at work. i can not help but smile when i see it. partly because seeing yourself drunk is funny. partly because your face reminds me of something. i love every inch of you, skin and bones and all. you are so smart and i can't really think of an 0ther word for you except wonderful.

i want every inch of you. but you go for the little feminine nailpolish and shortskirts type. why is that? "i can think of a thousand reasons why tonight you should grant me this one wish"
what's it to you?
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