MollyGoLightly I am going to stop watching television.
Really. Sally Jessy RedGlasses interveiwed a lady who allowed her husband to murder her nine year old son and hide him in the freezer for six months. RedGlasses chastised the lady, and everyone in the audience yelled at her. RedGlasses makes money off of people like her. People (including me) tune into her show to watch women who keep dead children in their freezers.

I feel disgusting. I will never watch TV again.
Grendel I just got through reading Bret Easton Ellis's "American Psycho"

At least once in every chapter (or so it seems) he mentions the subject of some (presumably fictitious) talk show.

as Bateman's madness degenerates even further, his perception of this show's topic becomes even more bizarre

"This afternoon on the 'Patty Winters' show, Bigfoot was the featured guest. I was surprised by how articulate he was."

"This afternoon on the 'Patty Winters' show, a Cheerio sat in a tiny chair and was interviewed for nearly an hour"
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professor uno there is sound evidence that i left the ice cream out on the newly resurfaced patio 020807
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