monadh something that would ease your heart
I tried to sing you a lullaby of raindrops
I sent messengers on the wind to greet you, cloaked in balm of Gilead

with the fire of leaves in autumn and the rising of the morning star
I told you a story
how gentle was this dream of life
how sweeter still the fresh morn
endless desire something that would melt your heart
and be another pin up
another favourite.
i wanted to say just how the green grass leaves behind ripped pieces of selfish pride, that is beautiful all in itself. but i didn't know how to say it so you would understand. and i didn't know how to explain to you something so red.
soup for the poor I have decide that love is selfish pride. I have also decided that your ripped grass is red. So don't worry, I am sure it meant something.

I_wanted_to_say that today was fucking horrible. That's it.
hopeless wanderer that im sorry. and i didnt mean to hurt you. please forgive me. and tell me what ive done. 041108
dreamer That you don't listen enough. 050314
god though coarse & brutal & disturbing was also hilarious... 050314
what's it to you?
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