startfires i am the hunter 001209
startfires i'll bring back the good
but i don't know when
startfires i thought i could organize freedom

how scandanavian of me!
startfires ( scandinavian ) sp 001209
iloveBjork i'm going hunting for mysteries... i'm going to prove the impossible really exists...

frAnk dancer in the dark was one of the best films ever made last year and the fact that it won at cannes is obvious evidence to support. the academy didn't even nominate it.

and bjork's performance also won her best actress at cannes. no recognition at the academy except for song.

her new cd is on the way soon. it's going to feature the trotsky quartet and a choir. she says it's quite happy. it doesn't sound like any of the other ones.

they asked her what is the best thing you wore this year and this was before the swan dress and she said,
"my shoes. i bought them in a ballet shop in london and they look like they're two sizes too big for me because i wore them in rain...but they're excellent. they're dead comfy."
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