Raina how long do you intend to play the game of appearances.

Pick a face, any face, and stick with it.
silentbob there should be some kind of layaway or something, where youa re allowed to try on as many faces as you see fit, then pick the one that you most enjoy. 000927
Raina yes, but...

there must be
Tank consistency of what? me, i have many me's, all truthful and all appropriate to the moment. i think i may be the most succesful schizophrenic alive... 000927
quotree "Carnival is what you dare.
flesh farewell, the soul goes bare,
your face is just a mask you wear
but masks are different faces."

shatazap you o to often cover your face with your facade of joy and happiness. be yourself - i will not run 020520
- . 020803
squint has no problem with the constant facade and what matters whats inside anyway?

just as lies tell truths, masks show the inside in their own way...

people are just too lazy to figure them out.

and sometimes face value is fine, too.
frayedvine if only i can see it, does that make me a loon... 060801
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