in a silent way i'm not sure if you have internet access on your phone, or if you'll be able to see this while you're at the hospital today, but consider this the digital equivalent of a "get well soon" delivery. there are flowers. there's also a card. inside is a message written in blue. and when you open the card to read it, something that can't be seen escapes and fills the room with a feeling of being safe and warm. 130218
FA113N This might be one of the most beautiful and heartwarming things I've ever read. I am really touched, thank you.

I am out of hospital, back home, being mothered and cared for, with a brand new bright red plaster cast - they gave me a LOT of meds for that one! - so I'm generally doing much better.

Thank you so much for your kind and thoughtful words. Best get well card ever.
in a silent way you're very welcome. i'm glad to know you're doing okay. 130219
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