thy sunny_day_real_estate


change in every little desire
as were counting on forces we could not control
oh and all those things you realized
were nothing more than a memory displaced through

so the story's told beyond our grasp
we were climbing forever an infinite task
shoulders straining with the endless toil
we're nothing more than a feather moving in the wind

i want to change everything
i want to change everything
i want to blame everything on

oh and all these seeds will grow anyway
even though the outcome we cannot say
so you'll always have your time to shine
even in the winter of your darkest hour

in the depths of my gloom
i crawl out for you
from the peaks of my joy
i crawl back into
tearing me down every time you smile
every shining time you arrive
unhinged i feel like a bird in a cage

waiting for you to grab my hand
and make everything still, calm
what's it to you?
who go