no reason i cry 100503
no reason i realize 100503
no reason i question 100503
no reason i remember 100503
no reason rinse and repeat 100503
hsg like_shampoo

Doar i will say
good morning

i will say

unhinged i breathe
i eat
i sigh

the crying seems to have abated at least a little bit, for now.

the reality that i only have myself to count on presses down on me in one way or another
Doar Hey you, you know, you.

Have I kept my promise, about the everyday utterances, when you are still slightly that the light may not be just some figment. Have I wondered about you laying there, and I in here, and where the here may have been?

But you know the very day I knew that the orange clouds might never be here again, is also when I realized that you were there at the same moment. And you also told me that even if that star or dry desert turn off, didn't happen; it was still you and I just harmonized in our own song.

I love you babeq, so very much.

what's it to you?
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