tailor divine 031207
birdmad my best friend through most of highschool and the way she smiled

years and years later, i still catch myself thinking of her sometimes

like now.
jane i think birdmad summed it up for me as well, however...

i still think of elisa from time to time - how i tried to keep in touch when i moved to new york, & how she blew me off - it hurt, but there was nothing i could do, you know? & then one night i called her & left a message, & she called me back, & we talked for ever, & she said, i'm sorry, i'm sorry, & after that we didn't talk until i came home this past summer...shes got a bunch of tattoos now & dreadlocks. we'd both probably fuck each other but for me that would be tainting an old relationship while for her it would probably build up some wall that she doesn't know about yet
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