Effingham Fish I've had a pretty good life, actually, and someday, that fact will probably kill me. 011206
kerry there's a girl i met who never ever believed in santa claus
her parents used to dress up in santa and elf costumes and put ashy footprints on the floor when they put the presents out at 2 a.m. and it makes me sad that she always thought it was obvious, even during her times of infantile naivety
roomite... so Fish, what exactly were you DEPRIVED of - or is that your DEPRAVED lifestyle that's going to kill you eventually?... 011206
skinny i feel deprived whenever i look at you. whenever i hear you talking to someone else. whenever i'm thinking about you in my room. the endless conversations filling up the classroom make me feel very deprived. 040529
pete sleep ... 040529
what's it to you?
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