Grace delial


just saying hello..

it's taken me over an hour to say bye..

thnk Gd I work
free lance..
User24 you're pretty cool. 030704
delial a page I never thought I'd see; ahoy there
[ yeah, I'm a master of long_goodnights myself. ]

you're pretty cool yourself, user24.
silentbob i finally got to the part of house_of_leaves where it talks about delial. and now it all makes sense. 030906
delial delial alone created several corridors and stairsteps to that hallway, if you ask me.

it just goes to show what misunderstanding can do when left to fester for that long.
Liz Can someone tell me that there really is a code inside House of Leaves and I'm not just crazy? Even better if anyone knows how to translate it. 040524
expressionist a revelation of the lies he has done his best to wall himself in with one brick at a time 070805
adsghrghfghsf shit 070806
what's it to you?
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