psyki wrong.
Effingham Fish That's what was missing from my life, sarcastic validation from a complete stranger. Thanks a million, fucknut. 020101
User24 I have a thing for correctness, I hate people who misspell, though I do it often enough, grammar annoys me ("no, you haven't just brought it from the shop, you've just bought it from the shop, and then you brought it over here") even things that don't matter, like people referring to blatherers, blatherites, blatherpeeps or whatever - it's a blatherskite ! and that's an actual bona fide word, check it on 030705
no reason blatherer is a word too.
someone who blathers.
User24 yeah but it's not as good as blatherskite 030706
ashmanzhou what matter name when substance is all
but substance be not in the aether
therefore we say what definition?
what can possibly be in a place that is not?
what possible tag can ever hold true?
but we seek this aether not as a site but as a thought
and thought is definition disembodied
blatherskite or not blatherer may be
but what matter it when we are thinking?
why is it important now? we have our definition
this tag be for those obsessed with control
who name for the sake of naming
and therefore for us their names have little self
for our self is this nusquam esse
what's it to you?
who go